Fuli: Sixty Stone Mountain(六十石山)

Blossom of tiger lilies



The view of Sixty Stone Mountain

When you visit Eastern Taiwan in summer time, there are two mountain areas where the tiger lilies are beautifully blooming near Yuli, Hualien. One is area is Chihke Mountain (赤柯山) and the other is Sixty Stone Mountain (六十石山). Both are worth a visit, even it’s not in the flower season.  Since I just came back from the Sixty Stone Mountain a few days ago, I will post some photos from there first. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write an article about Chihke Mountain soon.

Survey the East Rift Valley from Sixty Stone Mountain

Sixty Stone Mountain
Sixty Stone Mountain is located in Fuli Township(富里), between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range. So, from the mountain top, you can look across the beautiful flat East Rift Valley, with its’ farmlands and rice fields stretching into the distant. The story of Sixty Stone Mountain is an interesting one. It is said that in 1959, a horrible flood occurred in some counties of Western Taiwan, which lead to a migration of residents from the west to the area where Sixty Stone Mountain is located now. Since the area was too infertile to cultivate and it was inconvenient to transport agricultural products, the total harvest was only a total weight of sixty stones (Stone:, pronounces as dan in this case, is the unit of measure for grains in Chinese). Therefore, people started to call the mountain Sixty Stone Mountain.

August to Early September
The best season for tiger daily lilies is from August to early September. During this time, the mountains are carpeted in orange tiger lilies, which is a must-to-see when you travel the east coast in summer. If possible, try to avoid weekends, as traffic is normally heavy and there are lots of tourists on the mountain.

Sunrise and Sunset
As for the best time to visit Sixty Stone Mountain, I recommend the early morning, to enjoy the sunrise over Coastal Mountain Range, which accompanies amazing shifts of the mist and cloud as the day is dawning. In the afternoon, the mountains are covered in a variety of colors by the sun setting behind the Central Mountain Range. Both are nice times to survey the whole valley and the tiger lilies fields. Photographers will definitely enjoy a trip to Sixty Stone Mountain, as there are definitely some amazing shots to be taken there.

Getting There & Around
The best way to get to the Sixty Stone Mountain is riding scooter or driving a car.   At 308.6k on the Provincial Highway No.9, you can see a sign going to the mountains and keep going up about 30 mins till the top. If you don’t have your own transport, you can hire a taxi for a half day Sixty Stone Mountain tour, which normally costs NT$2000.

Walking to ______



Sixty Stone Mountain
Address: Zhutian Village, Fuli Township, Hualien County (花蓮縣富里鄉竹田村)